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    As 10th grade comes to a close, I need an honest opinion of my current profile. I know that it's a bit early for me to start the applications process, but I need to start preparing for it. My current high school record is listed here:

    Grades are: Fall/Spring Semester
    Freshman Year:
    H. English C/B
    H. Biology A/A
    Geometry A/A
    Health/Career Awareness A/A
    French A/A
    Weightlifting/Body Dynamics A/B

    Sophomore Year: French lang. program at my school got cut due to budget cuts, so I had to start over with Spanish
    H. English B/(A)
    H. Chemistry B/(B)
    AP World History B/(A)
    Spanish A/(A)
    Algebra 2 B/(A)
    Weightlifting/Body Dynamics A/A
    Policy Debate A/(A)

    School Clubs:
    Filipino Club- Will become the VP or Secretary next year
    Film Club
    Peer Mediation
    Body Building- Club Secretary. I also have to note that as a person in the club and in the class, I instruct newcomers and underclassmen, which kind of gives me a leadership role as well. I also work out on my own spare time; running, lifting, etc.

    EHA-A joint engineering/science program at my school with USC.
    Policy Debate- I don't know if this counts as a team sport (as we operate in pairs, under high stress speech exercises), but my team is one of the top in my league (currently a JV debater).

    I haven't taken the SAT or ACT,but my score on the PSAT was 190 or 1900 if converted to an SAT score. I'm aiming to get a 2000+ on the SAT.

    Although I'm not in a team athletic sport, I've been considering joining track and field (and maybe XC) for both Junior and Senior year. Other than that, my school doesnt have a football, wrestling, or lacrosse. Overall, does my HS profile look good, or am I missing a vital piece to the WP "puzzle" (I like to call it)? Oh, I will be volunteering for community service hours this summer at the local science center and applied for the summer STEM program at USNA.

    Any suggestions for improvement? Am I doing the right things?
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    What Are my Chances?

    Here is a link to a very helpful post from buff81, our resident moderator. You are asking the wrong question by asking what your chances are, you should instead be asking how do I stack up against the other applicants? This will ultimately decide your fate. So go to this thread, look up the latest class profile, and see how you compare.

    As of right now, I will be honest with you, I could not justify telling you that you have a chance at an appointment. However, since you have not taken your SAT/ACT tests (TAKE BOTH), it is hard to say where you will fall within the class of 2018's competitiveness. SAT/ACT tests along with class rank, transcript, Eagle Scout badge, and Boys' State will make up the bulk of your WCS(60%). I would advise you to highly consider achieving as many of these things as possible.

    If I were to give any advice it would be to: become class/student body president, attend Boys' State, enroll in Varsity athletics and get a letter, raise your class rank, and seek out more leadership opportunities. I am assuming you cannot get your Eagle Scout badge, but if somehow you have access to that then absolutely get it. I have heard from FFRs that having an Eagle Scout badge can be the difference between being appointed or not appointed. Same for Boys' State.

    You will be going up against valedictorians, National Merit Scholars, college students, and some of the most excellent potential leaders this nation offers; do everything you can to set yourself up for success, and success will follow.

    Edit:// If you have access to it, join the National Honor Society. This seems to play into the potential for being selected.

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