Any experience with CNS infections?

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    My son has received an LOA from USNA and a nomination from our congressional representative. That's the good news.

    He had completed his medical requirements without any problem. He recently had encephalitis and his current status is that he is not medically qualified.

    Under the standards of medical fitness it states that the following is a disqualifying condition:

    "Current or history of acute infectious processes of the central nervous system, including, but not limited to meningitis (322), encephalitis (323), or brain abscess (324), do not meet the standard if occurring within 1 year before examination, or if there are residual neurological defects."

    He was sick for three days, cleared without restriction, and returned to school and sports immediately after his illness. We are hoping that since this medical condition is not permanently disqualifying for military service USNA would be willing to grant him a waiver.

    Does anyone on this board have any experience or words of wisdom for dealing with this?

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