Any hope to get in?


Dec 10, 2016
I am a qualified cadet candidate at this point in time. I have recieved a nomination from my MOC (didn't recieve principal nom). I had a pretty decent cfa score of 678 that I recieved at SLE (push-ups:66 pull-ups: 14 1-mile run: 5.43 shuttle run: 8.5 basketball throw: 73 crunches: 108). I currently am 5th of 505 in my class with a gpa of 4.333. My sat scores are mediocre at 1350 (680 math 670 English). This on the new sat is equivalent to a 29 on the act. I was captain of the soccer team and played varsity three years, varsity wreslting for two, varsity track for two, and jv one year for soccer and baseball. I am a board member for NHS, a SADD member, a relay for life member and have a decent number of hours for community service. Do I have a shot to be chosen from the waiting list or are my sat scores and the fact I wasn't a principal nom going to weigh me down? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know if this will make you feel better, but how's this: You have a shot.

Your class rank is strong and everything else is competitive.

Just hang tight and prepare for Plan B.