Any insight into this regarding Army enlisted BCT?

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    My 17 year old son is currently at BCT in Ft Benning - split ops ANG. This was posted yesterday on his Company's Facebook Page:

    Due to the exceedingly high amount of values violations by the trainees the company has returned to Red phase conditions. The resultant effects are removal of privileges, such as cell phone usage. Pending any further widespread violations, the company will return to White phase status in seven days.

    Coincidentally (perhaps?) the Company just changed Captains two days ago. I was wondering if this might have something to do with it? I've no idea how often Captains typically stay in one place.

    Fwiw, I don't believe my son has participated in any 'values violations'. He appears to be progressing well, passing Land Navigation, put in charge of his platoon's rifle inventory and lock-up, getting his Expert Marksmanship designation and made a Squad Leader, etc... But I understand regardless, they will all be punished equally.

    So, just wondering if anyone here had any insight to inner workings of BCT. This is, obviously, very upsetting news. :-(
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    My son went to BCT in 2011 at Ft. Jackson (Before he was a cadet)...They often use this "loss of privileges" as a team building exercise. My son's Platoon was only allowed to call home once in the 10 weeks (Not even Father's Day). It was frustrating to see FB posts from parents/spouses of soldiers in other companies calling home every other weekend. My son just said "some people just don't get it, and shouldn't be there"...In the end, a few got weeded out. Many were threatened with loss of family day privileges also, but he didn't know of any who were denied in the end.
    The DS are relying on leaders (like your son) to emerge, and build cohesiveness and unit integrity...In your letters, encourage him to lead, and not get sucked down into the drama...
    Best of Luck!

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