Any insight on engineering careers? Also questions about FalconSAT program

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    I have been researching various careers in the Air Force and was wondering if any of you have any experience with them. I want to graduate with a STEM degree, have the possibility to go to graduate school (I know it's not guaranteed), and work on any of the awesome missions/projects in the AF (and I am primarily interested in space/astronautic projects). I have learned that as an officer I won't be doing a lot of technical work but mostly project management.

    Can someone who's knowledgable tell me more about the differences in these career fields. In particular, the differences in what officers would be doing day-to-day and the primary base assignments.
    -Space Operations Officer
    -Developmental Engineer (primarily in Astro/Aero/Mech)
    -Operations Research Analyst

    Additionally, I have some questions about the Academy's FalconSAT program. I believe the last one to be launched was a few years ago, do you know if there will be another one in the next few years? How is the program/what exactly do you do? Is it part of a class or is it like an extracurricular activity? I visited the Academy in August and thought that it was really cool and was wondering how one becomes part of it.

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