Any Sponsored preps (or self preps) heading to NMMI next month?


I'm heading to Valley Forge this August for self prep. Or maybe NMMI, I haven't decided yet. However, I'm leaning more towards Valley Forge.


My DS is heading NMMI! USMMA as well. He will play football for USMMA as well. I will message you my DS name.


My DS is wrapping his year at NMMI currently. He will be home May 15th and has received his appointment to USMMA class of 2023. He will be playing football for USMMA.

Pro: He is bigger..stronger.. smarter... more mature. Mature is the key word ... Being in NM for a year has done that to him. We are in PA.
Pro: He can march..turn on a dime. hold his gun. and salute like a champ. No learning curve for him when he hits Indoc July 5th.
Pro: His bed making skills are outstanding. That angles he gets.. Impressive.... Many of phone calls on that they got demerits on that if not right.. No learning curve on that come July 5th .
Pro: Everything they need is on this 15 mile road of Roswell. Hotels..Target.. Walmart. BDubs. Sonic. DQ.. Walgreens .. When we took him there we had nothing bought it all when we got there. Except for his Calvins...

Con: the food... His number 1 issue since day one and he still complains often.
Con: Airfare. Book it early. Do not fly out of Albuquerque NM. No mass transit. If they miss the one and only charter bus they are stuck. Roswell Airport is 10 minutes away. My DS likes to fly into DWF (no direct flights to PA) they have a Chick-Fil-A . He is 18 what can I say...
Con: Dealing with the High Schoolers. There are 3 groups of students. Sponsored Preops, Self Preppers. JUCO Athletes, High Schoolers. They are divided..
Con/ Pro: When out and about the entire town knows the Cadets. My DS said he walked into IHOP and got 4 steps in before taking off his hat. WHen he got to campus he was given demerits for not taking his hat off while inside. Eyes are watching and I think its a good thing . Hence Cpn/Pro label

Hope this helps.


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I would like to, but the opportunities for women's sports are slim pickings. Do you know if there are any club teams we can participate in?
Im not going in on Athletic scholarship or anything but I am going to try to take advantage of their pool, when I took my tour they said we could swim even though they don’t offer it as a sport for us.