Anyone from TX?


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Nov 3, 2008
We are waiting for our MOC to get noms out. The Senators offices told us that they compare lists with Representatives so as not to duplicate. Son did not get Senator Cornyn's nom......but we are hopeful that our rep will not even have 10 apps for USNA..........his staffer told us that in early Dec. Just wondering if anyone has heard from TX.

It seems in some states the noms are posted on Senators and Reps websites, issued as a press release, even special announcement ceremonies, etc. Ours in TX do not seem to do that?
Not to worry. One California senator doesn't even do interviews until January. I think the bigger states tend to lag it a bit since there are so many applying.
Nomination Granted!

Son stopped by MOC's office this afternoon and the staffer handed him a letter saying he had gotten the nonination!!! Yippee! They were mailing the letters today. We are from TX Congressional District 13, the Texas Panhandle.