Anyone going to Purdue University to do NROTC?


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Apr 18, 2017
Looking for a roommate who is also in Nrotc, if anyone on this forum has any advice on Purdue Engineering that would also be appreciated.

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My son is AF Rotc at Purdue and his best friend is in engineering . From what his friend said and from what I read, although Purdue program is well regarded, it isnt that hard to get into the program. What is hard is going through the program with a large percentage of students not making it through. Many switch majors because they cant manage. They have weed classes freshman year that separate the men from the boys or in this case the engineers from non engineers
DS went to Purdue and was NROTC MO. He was not an Engineering major but the schools all operate the same... You start out as a member of the respective school but you have to maintain a certain grade point to remain in the school. Certain disciplines (Engineering, Business, etc) definitely have a high level of students who have to transfer out due to grades. This becomes complicated for NROTC students who must request a change of major authorization AND make sure they graduate in four years.
DS is OS AS300 at Purdue and in Aero/Astro Engineering. Didn't decide on AFROTC until sophomore year, but eventually got a 3 yr scholarship. As previous posters eluded to, Purdue engineering can be hard to get into and harder to get out of... particularly with the specific discipline you want (Aero/Astro, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, etc.). Once accepted, you are in the First Year Engineering (FYE) program with every other engineering candidate. Check out the basics here: . Depending on how well you do after completing FYE plan of study, you apply for and are accepted into the specific discipline program... each with different minimum GPA and other requirements (a minimum 3.2 GPA gives you top priority for selection if there's capacity available in your program). Check out the transition requirements here: For some, the secret to success is to not take all FYE courses in the first two semesters so they can better navigate the so-called "weed out" courses. Presumably, many AFROTC cadets in Aero/Astro Engineering are on the 5-year "super senior" pace for this reason. Good luck. Good school choice.