Anyone know if all nominations on a slate are submitted at the same time?


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Dec 29, 2017
Here's what happened: When I went in to interview for my nomination, which was pretty early in the process, I noticed later that same day, a nomination appeared on my candidate portal. From what I read on this forum, it seems that MOC offices tend to upload all their nominations around the same time in December/January after they've finalized everything. So I was wondering if when they submit nominations to the SAs, they have to put in the whole slate, and perhaps this means that I was the only candidate on the slate. I'm pretty sure my district doesn't have that many applicants to SAs. What do you reckon?
So . . . it is possible you were the only candidate for your MOC . . . depending on your state and your congressional district, that can happen. (For other states and other Congressional Districts it can be very very competitive with 200 or more individuals applying for a nomination, resulting in 50+ earning interviews, with the top 10 being selected, ranked and submitted by the MOC to the SA, from which 1 to 5 may be chosen by the SA.)

I would say that "typically" a MOC submits their entire set of nominations to a particular SA all at the same time. It is also true that sometimes they have "updates" that they provide to the SA admissions office.

The question would be does your MOC submit a "Principle Nomination", and did your nomination on your portal (or in a letter from your MOC) indicate if you were the Principle Nom? If not, there may be others nominated you were not aware of.
It varies frankly. This year we submitted 1 person early as we were 100% sure we would be nominating them regardless of the rest of the pool (they were a strong repeat applicant from last year & currently at the prep school who had stayed in contact with our office throughout the year), and then a few weeks later once we reviewed the rest we submitted the majority together on the same day. I also had a few late additions after the bulk were submitted so I've updated our slates 3 times this year.

*We have a low applicant # district and this year didn't have to turn anyone down for a nomination that applied so we have the luxury of doing it this way.
Last year our MOC had 2 slates [20 noms] for Navy and 17 applicants - everyone got a nom with 3 to spare.
Irony is DS only applied to USAFA and USMA which were both far more competitive.

So - yes; it happens. But don't assume you were the only one; could have been up to 9 others for the same open seat. [ie all 10 nominated on same slate.]