AOG Prep?


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Jul 10, 2007
I got an email saying I was qualified and that I might want to consider an AOG prep as a back up plan. Does anyone know if expressing interest in this program will hurt my chances of still getting an appoinment for class of 2012. I feel like if I tell my MALO I'm interested they'll just put me in that instead of considering me for an appointment. Does anyone have any expirience with this?
good for you Ben.
If you want to go to West Point then go for it. The AOG scholarship offers start to go out. Expressing interest in no way hampers your opportunity for an appointment.
You can still get in off the waiting list - depending on how far down the list they go in offering appointments. Your admissions officer is telling you that you are on the cusp. You are qualified but there are many ahead of you.

My daughter is an AOG scholar - in the scholarship letter it clearly states that you can still be offered an appointment. USMA wants you - the problem is there are many ahead of you.

Many kids feel like you do and turn down the offer opting to accept an AROTC scholarship while hoping for a last minute appointment. Go ahead and trust your admissions officer. If you can't trust your admissions officer then who can you trust?
I agree with JustAMom. My son was an AOG prep last year and is now a plebe at USMA. He was on the waiting list for class of 2010 but they did not get to his name before the class was filled. Even if you accept the AOG scholarship you will remain on the waiting list and may still get into class of 2012.

Good luck to you!
My son is in the AOG program this year and I truelly believe it is the best thing that happend to him. He has a year of learning to be a cadet under his belt before going to WP. You could still get an offer of appointment but if you don't your chances of getting in next year go from a 10% chance to a 98% chance. as they say, the appointment is yours to lose if you are an AOG scholar.
What are the school options when one is offered an AOG scholarship?
West Point is using Marion Military Institute almost exclusively now. This year they had about 40 AOG sponsored cadets in the SAP program.
Other options are New Mexico Military Institute - which Navy seems to use a lot, Wentworth and there is a military school in Georgia.....

A very FEW AOG scholars who are recruited athletes go to a high school post-grad (usually a boarding school) year to play their sport.
West Point stresses that they want you at a Military Junior college.
you are very welcome - if you or Ben have any other questions feel free to ask away or send me a pm.
From what I understand those who take this path are not guaranteed a spot to West Point, so if you are rejected the next year, aren't you basically stranded without any options (college-wise)? Do people apply to other places while they got through the prep program?

Thanks for the input, I'll probably have a chat with my MALO tomorrow.
djffro is correct - the spot is yours to lose. Last year at MMI all AOG scholars in the SAP program won appointments.

Most of the time when a sponsored kid does NOT win an appointment it is because they changed their mind about West Point or (rarely) got into trouble - ie underage drinking etc.

As far as being stranded goes - MMI is a two year college. The kids in the SAP program complete one year of college. They may choose to remain there for another year or transfer to another school.

Have a chat with your MALO -
Ben, you are right that the AOG prep program is not a guarantee you will get into the academy the next year, but they do have a really high success rate, around 95%.

You will get in the next year if you:
1) get another nomination
2) update your application...yes, you will have to redo the essay questions.
3) pass your CFA again
4) keep your GPA at a B average or better
5) stay out of trouble!

It is not a bad idea to apply to another college as a back up. What if you were accepted to USMA but injured before R-day?
Another option is to return to the military junior college you attended as an AOG prep, if you liked it there.

Talking it over with your MALO is always a good idea.
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