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    I recently got my appointment, as I posted earlier on this forum but I was wondering if AP classes can validate classes at te academy since our county has recently changed it so that we as students have to pay 75 dollars per ap test and I would rather not waste my time and money taking it if it will not help me out at the academy.If it helps I am in these ap classes this year; AP calc AB, AP gov, AP comparitive gov, AP pyschology, and AP environmental science. I also took two other APs last year being ush history and english lang and comp
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    Validation Requirements

    The requirements to validate a course are exclusively governed by the Academic Department responsible for offering that course.

    Some accomplishments that may lead to granting of validation credit provided they are acceptable to the Department are:

    a. Score of 4 or better on the CEEB Advanced Placement examinations; or
    b. Grade of C or better in an equivalent college course at an accredited college or university as evidenced by a college transcript; or
    c. Grade of B or better in an Advanced Placement or college level course that has been certified by an accredited college or university as noted on the high school transcript. ​

    In addition to the general guidelines, Department Heads may apply specific requirements unique to the department’s academic courses that supersede requirement (a), (b), or (c).

    Cadets may be required to take an oral or written exam to demonstrate adequate proficiency of the course material.

    (Catalog of Coursee, page 36-37)
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    As far as fourth class year goes, the only guarantee of a validation is if you receive a 5 on the AP Chemistry Exam then you have automatically validated Chem I and Chem II and will move into Physics (a 3/c year course).

    For calculus courses, you can take validation exams and can validate all the way up to Differential Equations (Calculus IV). You will take a placement exam as well, which the instructors usually advise whether you should try to validate Calculus I or not. You will still take History and English year, you can't validate either but you will take a placement test in English to see if you should be in Rock English, Eng Comp and Speech, or Art of Effective Writing ("Honors English").

    Hope this helps! :smile:

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