AP Scores Send?

Dec 3, 2020
Hello all!
I noticed that I cannot control what AP tests I can send to universities :( so if I want USNA to see the “good” AP scores I have, they also get to see the mediocre scores.
4 Physics 1
5 World
3 Chem
3 Macro
3 Micro
3 Apush

I was told that admissions does look highly upon 4’s-5’s for my application, so would it hurt me more if I sent all scores, than if I didn't send them any score at all? **note—I do want to major in nuclear physics

Don't Give Up the Ship

BGO & USNA 2023 Dad
Jun 21, 2018
It probably wouldn't hurt sending them all in (I'm not an expert in AP scores). Admissions likes the higher scores, so good to make sure they know about the Physics & World. You can do one or more of several things: 1. Put them on your resume, 2. Make sure you note it during your BGO interview (their job is to find out information that Admissions may not know about-and inform admissions 3. Send a letter to Admission to put it in your file. If unsure, you can ask USNA Admissions using a Chat session, or ask you BGO their opinion. Others may have ideas. Good luck.