AP Scores?


Sep 24, 2016
Hello everyone,

Does West Point, or any of the service academies for that matter, use AP scores for admissions purposes? I completely understand the whole validating thing, and in that regard, I am not concerned. In 9th grade I scored a 4 on AP Geo, and in 10th, a 3 on AP Euro. I am afraid that the 3 would bring me down; is this the case?

No, at no point do you have to submit AP scores and I believe it's been confirmed it does not factor into your WCS.

Piggybacking off of this, for an admitted student, what value do AP scores have? Can they allow you to skip some gen eds?
Submit your scores, they are evaluated as part of placement plebe summer. (But you take placement tests too.) They don't count for admissions but might help a nomination resume especially if you have 'AP scholar' recognition for multiple good scores.