AP Testing


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Jan 30, 2008
I know this topic has been addressed but I have not found the specific answer to my question in any of the AP Test keyword tagged threads. My question is should one take an AP test in every single subject they took an AP class in, even if they predict they will not do well in it (4,5) or if they feel they could score a 4 or 5 but do not have a strong enough grasp of the material to feel that they could validate the 1st level of the course and be successful in the second level. In my situation, I feel my AP Chemistry score will be between a 3 and 4, however it will depend largely on my studying before the test. Considering this, I do not wish to validate Chem 1, knowing I'd be going in out of my league into Chem 2. Finally, does the Academy consider your AP scores for admitted students ?
If you're a senior, and you have already been accepted to your college, don't bother with an exam you know won't give you credit. If you are a Junior, AP exams look good on applications. Even if you make a 3, it shows that you took the initiative to attempt gaining credit in a COLLEGE-LEVEL course.