AP Tests. What's worth taking?

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    This year I took four AP classes: Calc, Chem, Physics, and English. I was wondering which classes are worth trying to validate with AP tests.

    I want to study either MechE or AeroE, so I feel taking Calc, Chem or Physics is risky. These directly connect to my major, and I've heard with many colleges, you are better off starting from the beginning to make sure that you have the appropriate baseline (not watered down high school work) to handle the more difficult material that will come later.

    Will I end up overloading myself? USNA will be hard enough without tossing myself into more difficult classes. Wouldn't I be in classes with sophomore-age mids that have less Plebe-junk to deal with? I want to give myself a chance to keep my GPA up so I can have a good choice of service selection later down the line.

    I honestly just want to get out of english. I love math and science, so that style of work does not bother me. English, on the other hand, drives me mad.

    Can I even validate these courses? Should I cram to make space in my schedule for later?

    Any tips are appreciated, and personal experiences would be fantastic.
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    Always validate. Taking 18-21 credits for multiple semesters as a Group 1 major is what you should be concerned about, not plebe courses. The plebe courses are basic and won't cover anything past the AP material; you won't be missing out. If you can score a 5 on the AP Chemistry or Calc BC tests, you will absolutely crush Plebe Calc and Chem

    Plebe year is the easiest year academically. The academic workload gets harder and the amount of sleep decreases during 3/C and 2/C year.
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