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    I have heard lots of different things about validating classes at the academies, and am not sure how beneficial taking AP tests are. The price is kind of high, so I wanted to get some advice before I signed up. Does anyone have any advice?
    These are the tests I am wondering about:
    English literature, English composition, microeconomics, macroeconomics, physics c mechanics, physics c e&m, Spanish, German

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    Take them all. If you don't go to the academy, for any reason whatsoever, they will benefit you in validating courses at a civilian institution. In that case, the couple hundred bucks of investment will save you thousands in tuition. If you get into the academy, the cost will be a drop in the bucket for the money saved in all tuition. AP tests are a good insurance policy.

    That said, if you HAVE to prioritize and can't take them all, here's my list in order:
    both physics, at least one English (back in my day, only one of them was necessary to validate), both economics (need both to validate), then the language you prefer, then the other language.
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    They generally only take 5's as well. Just a heads up.

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