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    I have been searching around about the AROTC AFPT. I have seen some people say that they scored over a 300, but I thought that a perfect score was a 300, 100 points for each category? Someone please help?
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    Here is an explanation for the extended scoring, which from my understanding is unofficial but some commanders however want to know unofficial point scores to reward soldiers for their extra effort.

    The scoring algorithm also includes an extended scale, by which soldiers can earn more than 100 points in an event by performing better than the 100-point standard. In order for a soldier to earn a score of over 300, he or she must obtain 100 points in each event, meaning that a soldier can not begin to use the extended scale for any one event until 100 points are reached in all three events. Scores above maximum may only be used locally in an unofficial capacity; official record scores may never exceed 300 points. Beyond the 100-point level, each additional push-up is one additional point, each additional sit-up is one additional point, and each six-second reduction in the run time is one additional point.
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    The extended score is only used in ROTC. When you get into the real military 300 is it. At least if I remember correctly.

    Also read where the Army is trying to come up with MOS specific fitness tests (still using the current APFT as an overall standard).
    If you cant pass the test for your MOS then you would be transferred to another MOS.

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