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    Hi everyone,

    I just started thinking about applying to MMI, NMMI, and NWP as a self-prep, assuming I don't get a nomination and AOG scholarship.

    I was wondering when the application deadline would be since I couldn't find that information on their websites.

    And is it possible if I apply in December after I find out that I didn't get a nomination. Or would that be too late to apply.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I don't know much about you. Lets say your a senior in high school at this time, normally you would apply in the summer of 2017. Your age will still be within the application margins. If you are 22 years of age and a college student, I would encourage to finish attending college because you would be outside the age margin.

    At this time I know NWP is in session. I would give them a call and chat with the Durbecks about what their program has to offer. Please do your research and find the program that fits your needs. NWP is not a military school where as NMMI is and MMI also.

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    MMI usually reserves spaces in their Service Academy Prep program in the spring for those who just found out they did not get an appointment and wish to self-prep. PhysicGuru will probably have more detailed information, or you can call MMI.
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    Feel free to apply to MMI in the spring after decisions come out. Admission is not competitive, but you do have to meet qualification standards with HS GPA and SAT/ACT scores.
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