Application Essays


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Aug 1, 2008
My son's application is nearly finished! However, he has the last essay to do. It is the one about providing any additional information that he feels cga needs to know that is not covered earlier in the application. He is drawing a blank. Any suggestions?
This part does not necessarily have to tell in a way that you are listing credentials. It could be in a story/essay formate and relate to something in his life. Is there someone he admires that he relates to and can compare to himself? Is there something (an event, a book, a movie, a teacher, a friend) in his life that made a lasting impact on him that made him want to be at CGA. There are many ways to approach this. Being creative in the way it is expressed it will come across with out bragging.
That essay is optional, I believe.

If I'm incorrect, please forgive me!
This "optional" essay is your last chance to "sell yourself" to the CCEB, I would not let the chance slip away.