application process for AROTC vs. NROTC Marine Option: compare and constrast

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by educateme, Jan 23, 2010.

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    I have been collecting a lot of info on ARTOC scholarship application and selection process.

    My son is also interested in NROTC marine option.

    I would love advice from wise folks here.

    How different/similar is the NROTC Marine Option scholarship selection/evaluation process compared with the AROTC version.

    Especially, are the marine option candidates selected and evaluated as a SEPARATE pool from the NROTC navy option?

    What % of the NROTC scholarship is given to the Marion Option candidate?
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    I would say yes the Marine Corp option is evaluated separately from the Navy option ROTC candidates. On the application you much choose one of three options (Navy, Nurse, MC) and are instructed NOT to apply to both the Navy and MC. Additionally the MC has it's own scholarship selection board which meets far less often than the Navy.
    The following is somewhat dated (2004) but might help you get a handle on some of the numbers.

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