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Mar 26, 2008
A dumb question I am sure but you know the saying the only dumb question is one that is unasked.....

What will my USAFA application status page say under

Your Status:
Your Application is:

I am applying for class of 2013. What will these 2 fields look like as the application process continues?

Thanks, our whole family is new at this so everyday is a new day!
when you first submit an application, it will say prospect. when USAFA reviews what you submitted it will say applicant. based on your test scores, GPA extra curriculars and class rank, they will decide if you are competitive for an appointment, or "candidate". at this point you complete the application- essays, letters of reccomendation, fitness test, and a few other forms. you will have to pass a medical exam and receieve a nomination to be a qualified candidate. pursue the nomination ASAP, candidate or not. until your application forms are in, your application status will be incomplete. once your forms are in, your application will be complete and USAFA reviews your application each week. if they decide to offer you an appointment, you will still be a candidate but instead of application status, it will say appointment status: appointment offered. once you accept the appointment it will say appointment accepted. i don't know if it goes beyond that though.

(I'm actually giving someone else information and aswering questions!! this is cool! lol)
kmjg: My page says the following right now (I just discovered it after reading your post!)

Your Status: Applicant* (your application is under consideration)
Your Application is: Competitive

And flyboy is right... This is what the page says under the app (I think you already know this though) -
When you submit your application you become a "Prospect." When USAFA processes your application you become an "Applicant." Should USAFA deem you competitive and/or you receive a nomination, you will become a "Candidate." Note that you may recieve a nomination and still not be deemed competitive by USAFA
Thanks to you both...

I was not sure if it would have a checklist etc. of what to do next.