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    Greetings all, I was hoping you could help me out on some questions I had while I wait for my ALO to return my call.

    First of all, I will be entering my first year at UCSB this fall after I was denied entrance to USNA and an AFROTC and NROTC scholarship. I am enrollment in the AFROTC program at UCLA as a crosstown, but my first question is whether the congressman I will seek nomination from will be the one in Santa Barbara or the one where I am now, about 3 hours south of Santa Barbara.

    Second, will enlisting in the Air Guard hinder or help my chances of admission?

    Third, I completed my pre candidate evaluation and was deemed competitive last year for USAFA but never pursued the application further as I had received nomination to USNA already. Am I considered a re-applicant?

    And lastly, do I still need teacher evaluations from my high school teachers?

    Thanks in advance for the help,
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    1. You should seek nominations from all available sources: President, VP, ROTC, both CA Senators, and the Representative from your home district which may or not be Santa Barbara or LA. Your home district is where your permanent address is, not your college address.
    2. I do not know, but I suspect it will neither help nor hinder.
    3. Doesn't matter. You will need to go through the entire application process.
    4. You will need teacher LORs. Ones from your college professors will be fine.

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