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Apr 26, 2008
Ok so heres the story. I had always just kinda coasted through my schooling. I never really had to try to hard and never had any internal drive to push myself to do well. I had been getting mid 80s and had a class rank of 25 out of 60ish. On the SAT's I was ranked top 5 in my class though. I went to the CG academy last spring and really really liked it. After that I started pushing myself in school and brought my grades up into the low 90s, I am afraid it was a little too late though because these improvements didnt end up showing too much in my overall grades.

But heres my plan and questions. I am really going to buckle down this fall and work up to my full potential (as all of my teacher evaluations said I should). I am thinking about applying early action but I was wondering if I was rejected from that if it would affect me if I re-applied in the normal time period?

Any help would be great, Thanks!
You would likely not get accepted early admission but at that point they will tell you if you are rejected outright or made an alternate. You need not "reapply" at that point.

What about your other attributes? Extracurriculars, sports, leadership roles? These are also very important.

Good luck and let this tale serve as a lesson for you sophomores out there. Get to work! :wink:
I hate to say things like this cause I feel its coming off as bragging but for other attributes: I have been a varsity letter holder since 8th grade. I am ranked 3rd in NY for alpine skiing. Varsity Lacrosse, Either varsity soccer or varsity crew this year (not sure yet, have to decide by monday when school starts). SAT-1700, 1300 for just math and critical reading i think are the 2 categories. ACT-composite 26 (math-30). I have spoke with both the teachers that oversee both J-board and our student council and I am going to be working to get into both of those.

I am currently going to a private school, does this weigh in differently than a public school?
As the old saying goes, "if it's true, it ain't braggin." :biggrin:

Those are good stats and activities. Crew is a great sport at CGA so that might help you some.

I don't think it being a private school makes that much difference. The reputation of the school could help, though.

Keep working hard and good things will happen.:thumb:
after thinking about this further I dont believe I mentioned that the majority of my classes are honors. Honors pre-calculus, honors chemistry, honors physics, honors english, honors algebra. Not sure how much of a difference that makes.

So for right now I am trying to decide if I should apply early or wait until the normal application period so use my higher grades from this first semester.
Apply early, it is to your advantage to meet the Nov 1 2008 deadline for Early Action.

RARELY is anyone "rejected" under USCGA's Early Action. You will either be given an appointment or you will be deferred until the regular admissions period.

You can update your application when your new grades are known.

PS - The new regular admissions deadline for the class of 2013 is FEBRUARY 1 2009.

This is one month earlier than last year.
This is why L59 is the man...good stuff...yes apply early! If you're as strong as you sound, you might get in early and be able to enjoy the holidays. The CGA uses an "open file" system so you can keep feeding the Admissions people with ongoing awards, grades, accomplishments, game-winning touchdowns, debate club beat-downs etc. :biggrin:
What's the procedure for updating your application? Do you just send an email to your admissions officer or is there a more formal process than that? What kinds of things are worth updating admissions on?
Yes email them anything of interest...anything and if you are an athlete of any kind, cc the addresses at They love their rennaisance men and ladies up there in New London.
What kinds of things are worth updating admissions on?

Any sports or leadership awards (named all-county football or athlete of the month, etc) or improvements to your class rank or SAT/ACT scores.

These are things that are VERY important to update.

I would call your admissions officer (you do know who that is, right?) and ask their advice as to the best way to update your file.
so just thought i would update, just got my act scores back, composite went up 2 points, math went up two points, reading went up 6, english dropped 2, and science stayed the same. I managed to pull A minus's straight across the board for grades in the first quarter (deans list (no grades out of the A range)), brought my gpa up to 3.78 from a 3.3 and class rank up from 24th to 14th. Going to the post office tomorrow and mailing my updated act scores as fast as I can. I already sent the updated transcript at the start of last week.

Does anyone know if the rumors about the lack lists not updating are true? I havent had time to call the admissions office while it has been open but I am going to call tomorrow to ask about that and a couple other questions.
I remember last year my lack list took FOREVER to update (e.g. said my application was complete shortly before I actually got my appointment). I just emailed my admissions officer and he told me what they had received and what they hadn't.
thanks, I dont really spend enough time on the computer to know whos who around here completely, are you currently attending the academy?