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    I️ have been waiting for a response from the admissions board but whenever I️ got to my application it says “application pending review”. Does this simply mean they have not gotten to me yet? Also, I’m from Vermont (if that had anything to do with it. All of my friends on the west coast seemed to be reviewed).

    Also I️ received three nominations to USNA. Does his help is anyway? My squad leader from NASS said that they look at your application more when you have more nominations.

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    The Portal should read "Complete Pending Review." But, I believe that this means that the application has been submitted and is under review. No one knows what this means, except the Admission Board but they are not about to tell anyone. All we can is be patient. The status on your portal will change to "Offer of Appointment" or something else when the Admission Board releases its decision.
    I don't think that having more nominations necessarily speeds up the review process, but it does give you a better shot at receiving an appointment.
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    You’ll know by April 15th! Best wishes!
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    So the all the state reps nominated you. Congrats and Good luck. My Uncle is from VT and was class of 58'.
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    coming from a previous Wait-Lister, get used to the "CPR" :bang:. I was told that admissions must rate everyone on your slate before making a decision. So if someone else on one of your nomination slates waited to finish their application till Jan 31st, they cant charge your application till they complete theirs. This is because they like to accept the most qualified applicant. Sometimes, because of the large volume of applicants, you wont hear anything till April 15th. There is no telling if it will be sooner or later. The fun is in waiting right?:biggrin:

    As far as nominations go, the more you have the better your chances. That doesn't mean that they will literally sit down, open up your application and review it 3 times. It means that you can be accepted through one of the three nomination sources that you provided them. So your application, after being reviewed, is in 3 separate stacks, one for each nomination, and the most qualified candidate from each nomination source usually gets an appointment. And no one knows the status of your application until they make their official decision (wait list, TWE, BFE).

    Hope this helps, and good luck!
    64 more days till April 15th!
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