Mar 3, 2017
Will anything change on your application once you have all green check marks? Do you receive an email or anything showing complete? I have tried to get answers out of my FFO but he has not responded throughout the process.
Typically, your portal will not change and you will not get any type of notification that you are "complete". Technically, you are not complete as you may update items as you go through your senior year. You application will move through the admissions process waiting on medical and nominations. Later in the year, you may get a letter stating that you are fully qualified (3Q letter) but those are RC dependent.

The best advice is to relax and enjoy your senior year, you only get one of them. This is a marathon process not a sprint. Look at ways that may strengthen your application as the year goes on.
Few things are done quickly. It can get frustrating but like it was said- Get it done and just enjoy your senior year
Thank you for your response. I have had my application complete and medically qualified since Aug 8th. The other academies ALO/Blue and Gold have emailed and updated me on progress etc.. Through the USMA process I haven't had one email responded to from my assigned FFO. The only thing I have received is 2 emails from admissions telling my application looks great and keep up the hard work.
It is still early in the process. If you are deemed competitive for an appointment other things will follow.

Has you received the request for your DodMERB.
The waiting is the hardest part. It is good that you have completed your application but the majority of applicants will not hear of an appointment until early in 2018. Enjoy your senior year.