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    May 3, 2017
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    I have not been able to submit my application due to the fact that I made is mistake on my DoDMERB application. Besides that, everything is in good shape. I have two questions regarding my status.

    1. I have come to realize that I getting in this year is a long shot, but it is still my dream. I have committed to reapplying. I was wondering is someone could briefly analyze my academics and key points on my application.
    SAT-1100(I’m just a terrible test taker)

    Variety Cross Country
    Varsity Track (will be captain this year)
    Captain of the rock climbing team
    Club soccer (all year)
    Passed CFA (maxed some events)

    Founded a STEM program for troubled boys
    Head alter server at my church
    Leading the construction of a grant supporting housing for adults with disabilities
    Headline writer for the school news paper

    The obvious weakness is my SAT scores. I think that NAPS would be a great place for me to improve and developed, however, I still must be selected for that.

    2. How does reapplying look on an application? I have heard that the admissions board likes to see commitment and dedication.

    Thanks to anyone that can help!