Applied for SLE but I might not be able to attend

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by frenzymando, Feb 11, 2015.

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    I just submitted an application for SLE but I realized that both sessions overlap with Boys State. Will it look bad if I get accepted to SLE but decline the opportunity?

    Note: I have not been selected for Boys State yet(my principle hasn't signed me off and I'm not certain if he will, I have to attend an interview and I'm unsure how stiff the competition will be to get in) so this might not end up being a problem. I will attend Boys State if I am accepted to both.
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    FFRs have said attending SLE adds no points to your WCS. But it is a great opportunity to visit WP. If you get accepted to both SLE and Boy's State and can attend both, that's your best plan. If you get accepted to both but can only attend one because of a conflict, Boy's State adds points to your WCS. Many candidates have declined SLE because of conflicts.
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    Although SLE doesn't add any points to your application, I would personally recommend it. I was unsure about West Point until I attended SLE, and after that I knew West Point was my definite first choice. I also went to Boys State and I did not enjoy it near as much as SLE and I thought that my state's Boys State was poorly run/organized compared to the way things were run at WP, which made me want to pursue WP even more. Your Boys State experience will obviously vary depending on where you live though.

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