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Jan 18, 2007
*Note: I am not USAFA hopeful, I am USAFA_hopeful. A unlikely one, I know, but I'm a different person ;)

Hi; my situation is a little wierd, I guess, but I would like some advice:

I graduated high school in 2007. I applied to USAFA and received a nomination (but not yet an appointment). I was almost done with the entire application, and after long thinking, decided not to go through with it, as I didn't feel like I was up to making that big of a decision at the time. So, I never really received word as to whether I would have gotten an appointment or not.

I have completed my first year of college and am entering my second, but I can't get USAFA out of my mind. I would really like to reapply, and feel like I am ready to make the commitment this time, should I receive an appointment.

My grades in high school were very good, including standardized tests (I'm National Merit), and had a lot of extracurricular activities and leadership positions. I am an Eagle Scout and also was/is in Civil Air Patrol.

My grades in college have been fairly good as well (I have a 3.67 gpa) and I have already taken leadership roles at the University level in extracurriculars.

So, my question is
A) how rare is it for someone to enter after starting college (even 2 years)?
B) i'm not awfully bad, but i'm not very in shape either. Do I have sufficient time to train for CFA for candidacy for the class of 2013
C) how will the application process differ from someone straight out of high school? (i.e. I remember having to get a writing sample from an English teacher etc. or something like that)
D) I have a deviated septum (nose injury). Last time I had to get a second evaluation for that, but I had already decided not to go through with it before I did it. Am I likely to be rejected?
E) Is this even possible for class of 2013 at this point in time? (I have a knack for deciding last minute, unfortunately. I scrambled for everything last time around September :rolleyes: So, compared to last time, I guess I'm getting an "early" start haha).

Sorry for the long post and numerous questions. I've read a billion threads to get as much info as possible, but I'm still full of questions! Any help is amazingly appreciated.
Well first the only way to find out is to complete the process and do your best. It is not uncommon for people to have completed a year or two of college before entering USAFA. Yes you have time for the CFA, but should begin practicing and getting into shape now. Your college GPA is respectable. if you took hard classes Physics, Chem, Calc and the like you should be OK there. DoDMERB will have to see all the records for the nose. They will likely issue a DQ, but you will apply for the waiver from USAFA, and it should be OK as long as you can document everything.

Good Luck Clock is ticking.
Thanks; do you think it would be beneficial to enroll in AFROTC this year if I plan on going to the academy, should I receive an appointment?
Shows interest, but I believe changes your application process. Flieger the ALO can cover that better. I believe if you join ROTC you will need the commanders recommendation for admission process.

Have you visited USAFA for an overnight, sports or summer seminar visit? The Academy is a very different lifestyle.
Be sure to stay on them about the deviated septum. I broke my nose (twice) a month before entering USAFA and they did a lot of evals to check it and froze my appointment for a few days. I would also query RetNavy in the DoDMERB forum here.