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    Not really sure where to begin.

    When I was younger and up until about sophomore year I was obsessed with going to either Notre Dame or the Naval Academy.

    And then things started to cool. ND kind of fell off of the map because I didn't really want to go to a school that was 85%+ Catholic, little diversity, etc... Being Irish-Catholic and going to a Catholic high school this was what I was kind of used to and I know ND is a cool school and the atmosphere is almost unparalleled but I was looking for something different.

    USNA cooled down for me since I was not thrilled about having to wake up every morning at 5:30 for PT (which apparently isn't exactly true).

    So I never even bothered applying to USNA.

    Did apply for NROTC though. Felt it was less intense and could attend a civilian college and still get a commission.

    And come April, I was dinged from that. Kinda had a feeling it wouldn't work out, I applied reallllly late, December and I applied as a tier three business major. Navy doesn't need too many finance guys haha.

    So got into a couple of nice schools but had to turn them down to finances and I'm staying in-state, going to Ohio State. Wanted to get out of state for college, but everyone I know that ends up at OSU loves it, so I think I'll be fine.

    But, I have this itch to go to USNA again. Not sure why but for some reason I don't really care when I have to get up and at the Academy, everyone will be doing it with.

    I was a military brat (dad retired) and I honestly miss the lifestyle, especially living on an active base.

    So going to be a freshman at OSU and I am content with it. However, I'd like to give USNA a crack.

    I realize that I would not be considered a transfer student and I would have to go through Plebe summer and Plebe year, but how would they evaluate my application?
    Would my college transcript just considered another aspect of my application? Not necessarily helping or hurting me compared to other kids in high school?

    I know that I need to start the app process as soon as possible, plan on starting the prelim app now and I should probably start talking to my Congressman now about how he does the nomination process.

    High School grades were fairly solid, 4.2 weighted, about a 3.8ish unweighted.
    2110 SAT

    Decent ECs with Eagle Scout, working 1-2 jobs throughout high school, student government, NHS, some other things

    Biggest weakness was definitely athletics, all I got is JV Track haha. Played a lot of inter-murals though.

    Fitness is something I have to work on. Technically my height/weight fit by about 10 pounds under at 6'0 tall, 190 pounds, but I could definitely stand to lose some weight.
    Run the 1.5 mile in 12:43. I know that this has to come down and I am working on running (just in general, didn't really think about training for USNA). Sit ups and push ups I should be alright with, but there will always be room for improved.

    Soooo, I figure I have all summer to work on this and hope to be in respectable shape by the end of August.

    So, not really sure what I am asking for here, I guess just general advice. One of our family friends' son did something similar a few years, freshman year at OSU and then went to West Point the next year.

    So advice, tips or holes in my plan?

    I guess my biggest thing I'm worried about is the fitness portion of admissions. By next June (say hypothetically that I get in and decide to enroll), I will be good to go fitness wise, working on it for over a year.

    But when should I take my fitness test for admissions? I know you are supposed to do it ASAP, but keep in mind I am not in tip-top shape. I think that my grades make me competitive for USNA but physically I am not at the level I need to be.


    Edit: Will it hurt me that I didn't apply as a H.S. senior?
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    Not really, you can't be judged for what you didn't do. But you can definitely put up a case for your desire to be here and why you are qualified for this post.

    Biggest thing: Enjoy the one year of college and orgies and partying....learn and master General Chem, and Calc, .....then make sure you vigorously dive into the application process come April 2012 and get it done ASAP.
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    If you want to start after you complete your freshman year, start applying now.

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