Applying for ROTC and NROC


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Apr 22, 2017
Hey there, my name is Emily, I am a graduating high school senior and i have recently decided that i want to serve in the military as a nurse. I have begun research on which branch i want to join and have narrowed it down between the Navy and the Army. Ideally i would like to join NROTC or ROTC and earn a scholarship. Does anyone know it i can apply for both scholarships?
You certainly can. You didn't differentiate the 2nd choice (probably Army ROTC), but don't forget about AFROTC as well. One of my close friends (who teaches across the hall from me) has his oldest son who is in his 3rd year of AROTC, and has been selected to continue into the nurse practictioner's program.
NROTC Nursing is a narrow path. Less than 20 4-year nursing scholarships will be given out on this years boards.