Applying for the VP Nomination


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Jun 23, 2014
I'm a little confused on the process for applying for the VP nomination. This is what I understand: You go online to and fill out the online application. You send in letters of recommendation directly to the Air Force Academy. That's about all I could learn from So, my questions are: how many letters of recommendation should be sent?
do they also want a HS transcript?
since we've already sent in letters to the appointment committee, are these VP nom letters separate?
do we send everything we have in one envelope and indicate that it's for the V.P. nomination?

It just seems a little nebulous to me since the Academy already has a copy of the transcript and letters of recommendation. Is someone else looking specifically at the VP nom stuff?

I appreciate any clarification!:eek:
From what I recall last year, your DS/DD fills out the online VP nomination form and their office informs the SA(s) of your request for a nomination. The SA(s) use whatever LORs, transcript, etc you've already submitted to them. The VP can only have 5 cadets at each SA at any given time, so the odds are slim in getting the VP nomination applied to an appointment, but everyone is eligible for it so everyone should still apply for it. I think my DS only received a letter from one SA (vs 2) that they received the VP nomination request. I hope this helps!

Edit: anyone who requests a nomination from the VP may get one, but the Service Academies are the ones who decide if it is charged to the VP for the purpose of an appointment.
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They are very rare to get but apply for it. It's another source for nominations. My older brother got one to USMA from V.P. Gerald Ford but went to USNA instead.
I am a current USAFA cadet (C3C) and received a VP Nomination. Yes, you really do simply have to submit the online application. For your own SA though, The Academy has a large say in who gets the VP Nom. It usually goes to a candidate they want to accept but who doesn't have another nomination source. I had great grades/SAT scores/CFA/etc. but I was born and raised in Canada, so the VP was my only option for a nomination. And I got it!