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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Theyellowfellow, Apr 14, 2015.

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    West Point is my main option for college, but I am also considering USNA and USAFA in case I do not gain admission into USMA. I am wondering how much more work I will have to put in. Mainly concerned with which admission steps collaborate and which ones are seperate.
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    They are pretty much all separate (other than Senator/Congressmen interviews and possibly the CFA but they don't all share that anymore) but what is more important is the goal of each service. You may think WP is the best fit for you, but that does not mean you would fit at AF or Navy. They all have different missions and jobs. You need to make sure that you could be happy at any of them.
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    DS applied to two SAs and application steps were similar. Was able to share CFAs and maybe some of the recs. He split his first choices between our three MOCs. For the US Rep interview he had to explain his first and second choice in front of the two SA reps. The goal of some kids is to go to one service, and they may apply to that SA. My son liked USNA but applied to two SAs and was open to both. You can do it one way or another, just be honest with yourself in the process. Be sure that you are truly open to the second SA if you apply there. The best to you.
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    You mean West Point is your preferred route to commissioning as an Army Officer right?
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    My Airforce Liaison was telling me that for his daughter's applications (she was applying to all three SA and all three ROTC) she typed one essay and changed the words according to the service. She just had to make sure not to send the wrong one. just an idea
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    My DD applied to three SAs. A lot of the application efforts were easily adapted to apply to all three - MOC interviews, training for the CFA, letters of rec. The academies seem to want a lot of essays and unlike the poster above, it did take more effort than simply changing the name of the school in order to make them work for each other. However she was still able to use large chunks of one essay for another.

    You would think that DODMERB would be the same across the board, but for some reason two of the three schools received the wrong info. And, of course, if you read these boards you know that what may require a remedial at one school is not even blinked at by another.

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