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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Theyellowfellow, Apr 13, 2015.

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    West Point is my main option for college, but I am also considering USNA and USAFA in case I do not gain admission into USMA. I am wondering how much more work I will have to put in. Mainly concerned with which admission steps collaborate and which ones are seperate.
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    As much work as you put into your application to West Point. They are all similar yet all separate. You'll need letters, nomination, interviews etc. if that's what you mean by "collaboration". Spend some time at each of their web sites and it will walk you through their own process. If you plan on applying for all, put your work boots're going to be busy.
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    I'm just a parent, so take this for what it's worth.....In my opinion, a big part of applying for the academies is applying for nominations from your two senators and representative. You have to do that if you're applying to only one academy. You just identify all of the academies you are interested in. Some will ask that you rank them.

    The DoDMERB process (medical) and CFA (fitness test) will be faced whether doing one or all.

    For each academy, you'll need to do a separate on-line application and write separate essays and get certain teachers to complete some type of questionnaire/recommendation.

    It would be good to go ahead and get a thorough resume together. The MOCs will probably request one, and it's helpful when completing all applications for colleges, academies, and scholarships. It's also needed when you go to talk to your ALO, BGO, etc....

    I think most of the work would be tied up in writing the separate essays.

    Once you have some folks who really like you write some good letters of recommendation, it's not too hard for them to tweak them and recommend you for various opportunities.

    I may be forgetting some aspects, but I think I've mentioned the time-consuming ones.

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