Appointee E-Mail from admissions


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May 8, 2008
Just got an email from admissions about boots. Basically says the same thing as the info we already received, but I love getting stuff from the Academy :smile:
ME TOO!!!!!! i havent heard from them since i got my christmas card 2 months ago
Yup, I got one too. I think this was only sent to those attending orientation. You buying boots at orientation?
yeah. the closest AF base is about 5 hours from my house, and i'd rather just get them during orientation because i will know for sure they are regulation
Well, I got it, and I haven't heard back from the Academy as to whether I've been accepted or not! Who knows.
I'm waiting till Orientation as well, even though Offutt AFB is only a few miles away.

Any word yet on the cybercommand that may be going to the AFB in Colorado Springs or Offutt AFB?
"Congratulations on your acceptance to attend the United States Air Force Academy.

Below is all the info you need to ensure you obtain the correct boots for basic training. Please note: Class Year 2013 cadets are required to have 2 pair of boots...."

for me it did
so does this email mean that the boots issued at I-Day will be different than those purchased at Orientation?
they'll be the same type boots.

for instance... at orientation, i bought a pair of wellco boots. after i day, i got issued another pair of wellco boots.

some people got lucky and got the belleville boots... they lasted alot longer and were alot better boots than the wellco. but they ended up getting a pair of wellco after i-day. so it all just depends.

the wellco and belleville are identical, except for the word "Belleville" on the heel. but the boots are pretty much the same and you shouldnt worry bout them. the pair i DIDNT wear in jack's are still very clean and fit very well