Appointee Kit - USAFA Form 13 Congressional Release


Aug 16, 2016
Can anybody comment on the Congressional Release portion of the form? In it you "can give permission to release information to your congressional representatives" which may include personnel, academic, athletic, and disciplinary records while at USAFA.

What is the expectation/norm here?

Do most incoming cadets give this permission?

Is it unusual if a cadet doesn't?

Does the academy or congressperson take a dim view of cadets who don't agree to release this kind of information before arriving on base?

I ask not because my appointee is especially reluctant to provide it. His intentions are to do well at the academy, but in our present day culture that covets privacy, in which many young adults don't even want their parents to have access to records, I have a hard time understanding all the implications of this question. Does anybody have insight here?
This is what I was told by my sister a 2015 Grad. It works several ways. If you are recognized for an accomplishment, usually academic. Some Congressman like to know to send out a congratulatory letter or some type of Congressional recognition. They sometimes do this around graduation also. In her class there was a big cheating scandal. The academy was very aggressive going after people and some thought they were unfairly targeted and chose to fight their dismissal. Besides some bringing in their own lawyers some had their Congressman get involved, thus the need to get access to their files. It is not like they send every semester grades to the congressman. It is 99% used for PR and cadet recognition. Each time she was "honored" she had to fill out a form if it was ok for the academy to send info to local newspaper and congressman.