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    I received my appointment about a month ago. I still want to keep my options open because I am waiting to hear from Navy also. Should I accept the appointment or should I wait until I hear from navy. Even if I get navy, I'm unsure which I would choose. If I accepted my appointment but then change my mind, would there be a problem? Any thoughts?
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    You wait. There is no urgency for you to accept nor decline the offer right up to the very last day you are permitted to do so. By then, you will most likely have heard from USNA about your status with them. Then you decide. Nothing prohibits you from accepting now and then declining...ther is no formal regulation on that....BUT, it serves no purpose at this point and as matter of etiquette , it shows bad form. What you spend your time on now is evaluating which service you may want to serve in , the options that best mirror both your talents and your desires....that sir, is worthy of your effort now.
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