Appointment communication

Texas Dad

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Dec 12, 2006
Just talked to my Congressman's office and was told that the USAFA normally communicates appointment offers to congressional/senatorial offices prior to mailing the package to the prospective cadet. This gives the Congressman/Senator the opportunity of communicating the good news.

Now, instead of rushing to the mailbox every day, I get to hurry up and wait for my Congressman to call.
Not everyone will get the phone call, CM 2011 said her child didn't.

Those with presidential noms don't get phone calls either. Our congressman is now a woman so if we do get a phone it would be from our senator. But his office always emailed us, never have had a phone call. Florida had 380 people apply for AFA noms. I'm sure that is part of the reason. (live in VA -Resident of FL) :wink:
Our son got a phone call from the Senator nearly two weeks before he got his appointment package in the mail.
My D did not get a phone call from congressman or senator. She got a nom from one of our Senators and our Congressman to AFA and our Congressman also gave her a nom to WP. The only way we know she has the noms is looking on the web pgaes for AFA and WP. We never heard appointment was coming for either AFA or WP (though AFA she had an LOA). One day they just arrived in the mail (AFA had the funny change on the web page but there was and still is nothing different on the WP web page). She still has not heard from either our senator or congressman and we have no idea which one she is tagged to for AFA though since she only got Congressional nom for WP we know that one. From reading posts around here it does seem that most senators and congressman call. Hers has not called, written or even sent up smoke signals! But it doesn't matter in the end because she got the envelope!