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Dec 22, 2007
A quick question about my appointment stuff I had to send back. I sent in my acceptance of my appointment but there is a second form that is titled, Record of acceptance, obligation, reimbursement, and oath of allegiance INFORMATION ONLY... On the back it is stamped in red Info Only, should I have filled in the slot that said city and state of residence and turned it in?

It doesnt give specific instructions as far as I could tell... only means just that, its only meant to inform you and not as paperwork to send back.
I had thought that, it was just when I saw the area that looked lke I needed to fill out I thought it was meant to give them info... oh well thanks, not a major problem...

haha why am I still stressing?:rolleyes:
airforce16, I think the USAFA is prepping you for the next set of instructions. :wink: You are paying attention to details...good job! :thumb:
haha why thank you, cant hurt to double check...

breathe kid, just breathe...