Appointment timeline......when does the packet generally come in the mail?

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    What's the deal with LOAs? NEW

    Letters of Assurance (aka Letters of Comfort) were developed in response to civilian college Early Action/Decision programs. LOAs are typically given to very highly qualified candidates. An LOA says that IF you qualify medically and physically (CFA), AND get a nom, and there are no other significant changes (you fail your classes, are arrested, etc.] you will receive an appointment. Two points worth noting: (1) USNA has been cutting back on the number of LOAs handed out and (2) the overwhelming majority of admitted candidates do NOT have LOAs.


    Question: LOA + qualified medically + qualified physically + just got the MOC Nom 1/12/10 = when can one expect their appointment packet in the mail (if the MOC does not call first)?

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