Appointments to go out


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Dec 17, 2008
Everyone on this board always talked about feb. and march being the main months when appointments will be given out. Well march is over and i still have not heard anything. Does anyone know how many are still to go out, or what your chances on receiving on after march is?
I'm pretty sure most appointments will be out by April 15.
Its frustrating, but waiting time is almost over!
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April 15 is the deadline for the main set of appointments to be out because they have to give appointees at least 15 days (May 1) to make a decision. If someone turns it down on May 1, then people could hear as late as mid-May. If they turn it down, I think they keep going to the end of May? You'll have to double check me on that though.

So, until you receive a "no" letter, you're still in the running.

Best of luck!
Apologies for resurrecting a 5 day old thread.

Last year I did not hear any word about my application until the first or second week of May when I was notified that I had been put on the wait list. I think it was around the last week of May or the first week of June when I received the official letter of denial.

At the moment, I am also currently awaiting news from the admissions department and I am starting to get antsy.
If appointment to USNA comes after May 1st

:confused:And son's already accepted offer of Appointmentt from another SA.....can he be released from other SA to attend USNA??:confused:
USNA-Fan - Absolutely!
Remember appointments will continue to go out until the class is filled. Each year there are stories of late appointments - into June.
:confused:And son's already accepted offer of Appointmentt from another SA.....can he be released from other SA to attend USNA??:confused:

Curious... Say that USNA appointment comes in the next week or so, prior to 1 May. Is it still alright to rescind the accepted appointment and then take USNA?

Thanks! I was just curious about the ethics of the situation. It seems fine that a candidate could turn down an accepted appointment if the preferred appointment comes after the May 1 deadline. I wasn't as sure how it would be looked upon if that candidate received and accepted an appointment, then received a second appointment, both prior to the May 1 deadline.
Ethics? wow.

Here is the situation - the academies all make "late" apppointments. They understand this. Even if you pay a deposit at a civilian college and then get called off the waiting list, it's not unethical.
Not only that - the academies want happy campers. They want kids who want to be there. Just give 'em a call and tell them your dream school came through - they understand, your military career will not be forever affected and they will offer your appointment to the next on the list.

True Story - A couple of years ago a kid in a large Eastern state won an appointment to USNA and accepted. In early June he was called of the waitlist to a prestigious civilian school and NROTC scholarship (Notre Dame).
He turned down USNA for ND and about a week or so later - one of his high school classmates was called off the waiting list for USNA.