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  • (i wasn't really sure where I should reply to your message haha)

    Thanks so much, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your words of encouragement and spot on advice!
    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR APPOINTMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! I know you earned them! btw you are certainly NOT lazy and dumb having such great accomplishments, so don't put yourself down :)

    As to what you were saying, I was thrilled to find this site as I have had so many questions bottled up and have finally been able to ask them and/or look them up! I hope I haven't been too overbearing :) I've already sent this site to a friend of mine who is also applying to SA's.

    Ditto on see you in the Yard in 2010! (I assume that means you'll be accepting your USNA appointment?) Again, congrats, and I wish you the best!

    Sorry this takes me so long bro, i totally forget to look at these messages haha do you have facebook? im on there as TJ Sweetin. if not just text me at 303 524 4011 i am bad with this website haha anyway

    but I play for Mountain Vista in Highlands Ranch. My guess is do you play for foco? I know that Jay Darling kid is at Navy from there now. I could be wrong though. One of our family friend's son is a Junior at Navy right now and I am trying to do the same thing, follow him around on my visit out there. I was talking to one of my buddy's stepdads who is an Academy grad and he was saying that if we got nominations from here than he can almost guarantee us we are in. which was very encouraging, because all i had ever heard was dont get your hopes up just because of a nom but his best friend is the dean of admissions so i think we have a good shot dude. but yeah hit me up on here or FB or txt or whatever
    You play lax? awesome. who do you play for?

    Yeah, I'll definitely have to adjust to the humidity. I think I'll be getting wet relatively often anyway; it is the NAVAL academy. so that's not a huge deal.

    I'm going in February. We have a season opening tournament in Dallas (or Houston? somewhere in TX). Do you know anybody at USNA right now? One of my former teammates is a plebe right now, so hopefully I'll get to follow him around for the day.
    Yeah man I was laughin too, blazer and jeans haha it was a good time though. Dude Annapolis is my favorite campus of any college I have ever ben to. Like you, when I lived back there, I used to go to lax camps all the time and the environment is incredible. The winter in Maryland isnt too bad, it just feels way colder because of the humidity. It's nowhere as cold as here this week, never gets to -18 haha you pretty much nailed it, the only weird weather is the horrible humidity. when i used to play lax back there we would be absolutely dripping sweat by the first faceoff. just in line drills the energy was sucked out of you. however, you adjust pretty quickly to it and it's not too bad after a while. plus you could go for a swim in the Chesapeake if need be haha are you going to do a CVW? I think I'm going with my buddy Matt from Arvada West HS out there over Spring Break...
    Yeah, it was very nice. I thought it was funny that the Senator showed up in jeans and a baseball cap, but otherwise, very professional. From your signature, I'm guessing you're Thomas?

    So, I've been to Annapolis before. I was there for a lacrosse camp summer 07, but I only got to see a little bit of the yard. and I have no idea what the lower east coast is like during the winter. I've only been to NY during that time. I know it can't be as bad as USAFA. The weather there is just craziness.

    Are there any weird weather phenomena I should know about?
    Also, I was trying to decide which would be worse: BCT at 8,000ft or Plebe Summer in 100percent humidity?

    Hey there,
    were you at Salazars yesterday? I was there for a Navy nomination as I believe you stated you were also. Pretty awesome ceremony. What do you wanna know about Annapolis? I loved it when I lived there! Such a nice town man. Shoot me any questions you have.

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