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Oct 29, 2008
There are those that are triple Q'd with a nomination and those that are awaiting medical waivers with a nomination. Will the board wait to see if those awaiting waivers get them before handing out appointments? If they want someone with a great GPA/SAT'S will they hold out offering appointments to candidates with lower GPA/SAT'S but still triple Q'd to see if a waiver comes thru for the other candidates?
My sense is that they have a fairly good history of the number of kids that will get the waivers. The waivers are supposed to be cleared up by a certain date, but if that kid's waiver comes through latter and the kid has a high candidate score, that kid will be at the top of the pile and be the next person to get an appointment. This will be true up until the last appointment is given before I-day. Keep working on the waiver, but don't expect USNA to hold a specific nomination open for your child. If your child is a top candidate, they will not say, "Gosh, we had an appointment for you all set to go, but since your DoDMERB waiver was not cleared up by June 1, we gave the last appointment to the future class goat." Good luck.
It is my understanding that with a competitive MOC slate - if the top candidate is DQ'd; they will seek a waiver. If a waiver is granted then an appointment will be offered. They won't offer the spot to #2 unless a waiver has been sought for the top.

Likewise - those candidates who are in the national pool are selected by Whole candidate score by federal law. If a candidate is DQ's they will seek the waiver.
There is plenty of time yet for medical waivers. The important thing is to stay on top of it. You should get a letter when/if the academy decided to seek a waiver.
Except for a Color Vision DQ, DoDMERB Deputy Director Larry Mullen researched that DQ for me and found that a Candidate is Boarded and then the USNA Superintendent is asked for a Waiver, not the DoDMERB. It's one of the only Medical conditions they (DoDMERB) don't have anything to do with once it's been discovered.