Appropriate question for ALO?


Oct 2, 2016
My video interview with my ALO is scheduled for this week, and I was wondering if it would be okay for me to ask him what he would prefer my attire to be. I've heard from ALOs on this forums who have given preferences for what their interviewees should wear, but I haven't been given anything like that. Is this an appropriate question? Should I just play it safe and wear a coat and tie? Thank you.
A video interview? No sweat. You don't even have to wear pants if you don't want to.

Just dress as if you were going to church, a wedding, etc. You don't have to wear a coat and tie. Clean, well-kempt hair, good eye contact, strong voice, don't like say "like" in every other sentence. Be the in-control, strong young person theyre looking for.
I would agree that you should dress to impress. My son wore his AFJROTC uniform- he had it on and had started his interview before I got home and was going to advise him not to- but his ALO said he appreciated his extra effort. Not sure it makes a difference but my son said if he had to do it over he would wear his uniform again. ALO even asked if he was wearing his pants! [emoji12] He says his ALO interview was more like a casual conversation vs a formal paneled interview if that help any.
What is considered 'dressy' varies based on where you live, there are a few threads in the past that discuss that. If you don't typically wear a suit/tie and would feel uncomfortable doing that, it would be better to wear good casual clothes. As mentioned above, since this is a video interview, the other person probably won't even see your entire outfit. I would not ask him ahead of time what to wear.

I WOULD be sure to be familiar with the video software ahead of time so you don't spend part of the interview focusing the cam/adjusting the settings/lighting/sound level....etc. You certainly don't want to accidently cut off the transmission during the interview as a result of pressing the wrong buttons. Make sure the cam is setup so you are centered on the screen and there are no annoying distractions behind you. Good if you can leave the family pet and other siblings out of the room, so you can focus on the interview. Don't have distractions like a TV or music in the background. Logoff of all other PC applications. Leave your smartphone somewhere else so it doesn't ring in the middle of the interview. Those things WILL make you look professional and prepared.