Appropriate time?

Feb 23, 2015
Son didn't get an appointment to academy last year. He has accepted an ROTC scholarship and will be attending Texas A&M. Son intends to and has already started to reapply to the academy. When would be an appropriate time for him to let his new ROTC unit know his intentions? He feels kind of awkward about approaching on the first day but doesn't want to wait too long.

I know ROTC will give him a chance at another nomination source. What else will he need to request through ROTC to complete his application?

Thank you!
I'm doing the same thing. I think I'll bring it up when I'm being interviewed for the nomination (around Oct-Nov), but if anyone has a better suggestion that'd be great.
Hey stranger. Since we lived it this year, I would suggest that he wait a few months. He should show up and do well in ROTC. Make sure he is ready for the PT test, participate in the ROTC activities, make good grades. My DD didn't even mention it until late October or early November. There is really no rush to get the ROTC nomination completed because admissions will not do a final look until they receive the first semester college grades. It is also just a two page form that the PMI emails to your RC. The harder part of the process is everything else. Getting your MOCs nomination packets take time and getting the letters of recommendation are more challenging as he is not there. Your high school will also have to complete the same information as last year.

He will also need two college professors to do additional evaluations. He needs to make an effort to make connections early so it is not a big deal to them when he asks them.
He has been in touch with academy. They said his SAT score was his weak area. (He had a 1400, already retaken and waiting on new scores.)

He is trying to get a majority of the application, congressional and Senate applications completed before leaving in August. There's a different dynamic with the Corps of Cadets and fish year obligations.

He scored high on the English AP exam so he will not be taking an English class so he will NOT have an English professor. Academy has already agreed to use senior year English teacher for evaluations. He is taking 16 hours with challenging classes- honors Calculus, honors Engineering, Chemistry for engineering, an elective I can't remember right now, Corps and ROTC classes.

Main focus is do well at A&M academically and perform well in ROTC. That's all he can do.