Appropriate to email coach?


Sep 15, 2016
Hi, I'm a junior who runs cross country/track and I was wondering about what times I would need to hit this season to be recruited. Is it appropriate to email the coach asking for the info? I tried searching for it online, but couldn't find any standards or list of past recruits. Thanks!
DD was a recruited D1 athlete who wrote the coach and received a prompt reply. She wrote the coach at USMA as well so I'd say go for it.
This information is 1-2 years old, but should help frame what you were asking for. You are always welcome to contact the coaches or the NAAA, but keep in mind the standards below.
-Cross-Country: 5K time close to 16 minutes -- as well as ordinal position at conference, district, regional and state competitions (no number provided, but closer to the top is better...especially at states)
-Track: 800m (1:55-1:56), 1600m (4:25-4:30), 3200m (9:30-9:45)
DS has received and accepted appointment. He was recruited for a secondary sport. I told him very early in the process that unlike football, the coaches aren't going to find you. You have to take the initiative in the recruiting process. Complete the recuiting questionnaires in detail. Call the coach. Let your HS coach know your plans so if the USNA staff reaches out, they can verify your information. If you are planning on visiting the yard, let the coaches know you will be there. Our experience is that they will most always make time to meet with you. In discussions like that, they will be very candid about what they are looking for in a recruit or a walk on.
Completely agree with Clark son has also received and accepted an appointment and is a recruited athlete (crew). He sought out the coaches during NASS and had a great meeting that led to his D-1 recruiting trip and constant contact. Good luck!
Definitely reach out to the coach. In addition, look at the recent year's Patriot League results on the conference website. Would you qualify for finals? Would you be a scoring athlete with your times? That will give you a quick idea if you are in their sights for recruiting.