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    I have complete apps for 3 academies and was sent to DoDMERB Exam by one and received the expected DQ last week. One academy contacted me about the waiver process. Other two academies have said nothing to me about taking the medical exam or any results. All three academy field contacts have indicated I am competitive for admission base on my complete file.

    First question, do all academies have access to my Medical DQ now that one academy sent me to DoDMERB?

    Questions two and three, should I be telling all my admissions officers that I was DQ and ask them if they will be applying for a waiver on my behalf? Who is it at an academy that actually initiates a waiver request on behalf of a candidate? I really don't want to sit passively and wait as I'd like to get the waiver process started.

    Question four, if my file is reviewed by admissions board in September, will they know I was DQ and does it have any impact on how they score or rank me?

    Final question, I have excellent CFA and athletics record, very strong leadership resume, Math SAT of 690, but a Verbal SAT of 590 (but all A's in AP English classes at a school that sends 100% of graduates to college) which I know is a bit low. I am taking SATs repeatedly this fall. Would this verbal SAT score keep me from being considered for Waiver at this point in time?

    Sorry for multiple questions. I will not give up on this journey! Thanks!!
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    I would definitely email your BGO to see if the medical information is present. As BGOs, we know if you passed/failed, or if the information hasn't been received by USNA. If not received, I would email your regional team and inform them you are applying to multiple SAs and that the DODMERB process was initiated by another Academy.

    USNA will inform you about the initiation of a medical waiver and some medical personnel will work with you through the process; unfortunately, you can't initiate it on your own. The Superintendent reviews all medical waivers and approved/rejects.

    The Admissions Board might know, but it has no impact on their scholastic decision. If they based their scholastic decision on a medical DQ, then every candidate who was DQ'd would never receive an appointment.

    Your SAT/ACT could end up being a factor. The medical waiver process at USNA only starts if you are essentially considered for an appointment. Even if you are found triple qualified, that still does not guarantee the medical waiver process will be initiated. So the better you do on SAT/ACT and other aspects of your application, the more competitive you become and the more likely you might be considered for an appointment and not just triple qualified.

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