arabic minor


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Jun 8, 2006
Apparently the Arabic teacher told the mids that they can expect an average of 3 hours of homework per night if they want to pursue an Arabic minor. From those who know the academic routine at the academy, is this extremely difficult to pull off? I am sure additional responsibilities such as varsity sports and leadership make this even harder. Any thoughts?
Three hours per night, just on ARABIC?

I'm sorry, but that's next to impossible. I simply cannot imagine anyone being able to maintain that for 3+ years and not bombing the rest of the curriculum, no matter how smart they are.

Study hall normally lasts only 3 hours per night. When would they be expected to study the easy stuff, like Chemistry, EE, and Thermo?

Are you certain he meant just for Arabic? :confused:
That's what I was thinking! Hopefully the mids who relayed the message misheard or misunderstood the teacher...:confused:

hopefully someone who knows the true demands can chime in.
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That cannot possibly be right. It just can't.

I don't care how difficult Arabic is, it cannot possibly take up as much study as the entire normal curriculum combined. There's no way.

I'll tell you what: If it's true, almost NO ONE is going to graduate with that minor. :thumbdown:
Insanity or simply a scare to weed out those who don't really want it?
Nah. Has to be they heard it wrong. It would be insane for a professor to talk crap like that on purpose.