Are DoDMERB results automatically shared among SA's?


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Feb 10, 2012
Good morning. My DS has applied to both USNA and USAFA. He completed the DoDMERB in October and is shown as qualified for USAFA. As of this morning, his USNA application portal is still showing the exam as an outstanding item. There was a typo on his birthdate on the Naval application and that was corrected in Nov. My DS doesn't recall if there was a necessary step within the application to allow multiple service academies access to the results, and I can't find any searching this morning. My question is whether the academies automatically share the results of the exam, or did we miss a step in allowing the results to be shared? DS has emailed his USNA admission counselor this morning, but thought I'd ask here.
It is automatic. The SA sends a medical request to DoDMERB. If an exam was already conducted the results are sent to SA. I believe the request is by social security number.
Thanks for the info. We'll wait for a response from admissions.