Army after Graduation?


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Apr 3, 2007
"After graduating from West Point, you will be commissioned in one of several Army branches. You may want a combat arms branch such as Infantry, Field Artillery, Armor, Air Defense Artillery, Aviation or Combat Engineers. You also may choose a combat support branch such as Signal, Military Police, Chemical or Military Intelligence. You may also want to choose one of the combat service support branches such as Ordnance, Quartermaster, Transportation, Adjutant General or Finance. Opportunities are also available for the Medical Service Corps or the Judge Advocate General Corps later in your service career. You will advance to positions of greater responsibility in each branch based on your abilities."

I read this and was wondering, is it possible to go into Rangers or the Green Berets from West Point? Maybe I'm missing something but I didn't find much information from the website and the explanations from the website didn't go into much detail.

Any feedback is welcome, thanks for your time!
When you graduate, you'll be commissioned in your basic branch. If you want to go to Ranger School, the Army recently opened the school up to males in all branches, but it can be difficult to get a slot. If you want to go into the Ranger Regiment, you have to be Ranger qualified and have already served successfully as a PL. Most who go to Ranger Regiment are Infantry officers, but there is also a need for Artillery and recently the Regiment stood up a Special Troops Battalion for support troops, so now officers from Transportation, Signal, and other branches can serve in Regiment.
As far as Special Forces goes, you must wait until you are a First Lieutenant promotable to Captain, then you go to Special Forces Assesment and Selection, a 3 week process to determine if you have what it takes. If selected, you would then go on to the other phases of the "Q Course," which lasts around a year. Upon successful completion of that, your branch is changed from whatever it was to Special Forces. Hope that helps.