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    I just had a conversation with an officer in the navy who is a cryptologic warfare officer and was able to tell me what it was like and the things he did. For example, he said he was transferring to the a "red team" where, per request, they try to enter a ships network and test how secure the ship is to cyber threats.

    His job really interested me and he was able to tell me a little bit about the Army's cyber branch, however, I'm still wondering, what are the different jobs and responsibilities that the Army Cyber branch has specifically? Are they similar to the Navy's cyber branch, or do they have different things they work on?

    Thank you.
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    Cyber Branch is the newest branch in the US Army. 30 slots are available for officers every year. 15 slots go to those graduates from WP. Thus, it’s very competitive. Those who are chosen have been identified for a talent in their late to early yuk and cow years. If they branch, a monetary bonus is given. (The only branch to get this). BOLC is the longest of all branches. 11 months. I don’t believe it’s available for BRADSO. There are two groups, offensive and defensive. Offense is smaller and tangled with NSA. Defense is larger and the hub is located at FT Gordon. You need super strong academics in STEM. The cyber team has no real connection, nor will help you win a slot. All hacking is done by enlisted. It’s important in all branching especially Cyber to be linked to a connected mentor.

    Cyber defense is considered a “Line 19” in other words combat arms. Cyber is the the new wide open career. You’ll be well sought after in the private sector. You can look at bar graphs from previous classes to see the class ranking you need.

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    For most branches, class rank is the only relevant factor in determining branch selection. Not so for CY, MS, and Aviation.

    Class of 2018 (25% BRADSO)

    Class rank of 1st to choose: 12
    Class rank of last to choose w/o BRADSO: approx. 300
    Class rank of last to choose w/BRADSO: 402

    Class of 2017 (27% BRADSO)
    Class rank of 1st to choose: 21
    Class rank of last to choose w/o BRADSO: 638
    Class rank of last to choose w/BRADSO: 702
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